Semi-Urgent: DrillFillDri

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 16, 2006

Oops. Had a mini-disaster with drilling holes for my rigging.

The screws that came with the fittings were just ever so slightly shorter than the sheers. Since my understanding of drill-fill-drill is to "encase" the metal fitting so it's screwed into epoxy only -- no untreated wood to come into contact with the metal or water -- one has to drill just a bit deeper than the screw.

So I very cleverly (ha) constructed a wood block "stopper" for my drill, so it would drill just a smidgen deeper than the screw but not so deep as to go all the way through the sheer.

All was going well the first few holes, but starting further up the deck, I started drilling all the way through the deck sheer. WHAT WAS I DOING WRONG? Convinced I was being sloppy or something, I continued...and then I realized...

I PLANED THE SHEERS AS PART OF CONSTRUCTION! THEY'RE NOT THICKER THAN THE SCREWS AT ALL! Especially in the middle of the boat where the curve is more pronounced.

OK, so I kinda screwed up but I think the design did the screwing up for me, mostly.

Anyway - question of the day is how to fix this?

So what I have now is about half of my holes are all the way through. The only thing for it is to fill them will epoxy and then try to be VERY VERY careful about screwing the fitting screws into the epoxy "holes".

Now my question here for Drill-Fill-Drill is: what kind of epoxy mix? I was assuming clear, but maybe a little thickener now wouldn't be so bad to add a little body?

Cabosil, wood flour, what consistency?

I have put masking tape under my holes so I can fill them up without making a gooey mess underneath, but I'm still thinking mustardy or mayonaise consistency with cabosil might be a better idea than quick and clear.

I wanted to get the epoxy in today so I could rig out tomorrow, so any instant advice available would be most appreciated.