Re: Semi-Urgent: DrillFil

Posted by Tim on Sep 16, 2006

Well, for what it's worth here's my $.02 worht.

Don't panic, proceed as planned. the biggest worry I might think is that having the screww end exposed may, by some freekish occourance, snag on something, maybe human flesh! Yuck..

Maybe cutting the screws to length would prevent this opportunity.

At this point, I would just go on ahead as you planned and cut down the screws.

On another option, I just finished up, after almost a year, my WR18. I took great pains to build without mechanical fastners. There are only two in the deckbeam and the 4 in the seat back rigging. I wanted to install the deck rigging without screws as well and didn't want to go with the trouble of making and installing soft padeyes. So somewhere, I read to simply drill an undersized hole, taper the end of the bungie material, poke it through and, voila! No fuss no muss. Turned out quite nice I might add. I did coat the insides of the drilled holes b/4 installing bungie. Real clean look and low fuss. That may still be an option for ya to consider.

Winded reply, yes. But my point is as I learned, don't fret over too many issues. The project is verry forgiving!

Best of luck. Peace out...........

In Response to: Semi-Urgent: DrillFillDri by Monterey Matt on Sep 16, 2006