Another little disaster..

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 16, 2006

Well, I filled with clear epoxy, and it went horribly for a while because the masking tape kept coming off the bottom. Weight was too much, and the tape wasn't finding good purchase against the rougher under edging of the sheer and deck.

I ended up resigning myself to having masking tape become a permanent part of the yak's underside (who's to know?) but in the middle of the worst of the drippies .... I ran out of rubber gloves! The box of 250 I bought at the beginning of the project just pooped out...I didn't notice because the last one was balled up, it looked like there was a stack left.

So I ended up with epoxy all over my fingers, just as the epoxy was starting to heat/harden up.

The good news is I _think_ I managed to fill all the holes in time.

The bad news...I went through half a bottle of 'Goo Gone' and I've still got a little epoxy on me. I hope this doesn't do any harm..

Incidentally, a shop tip I'm sure is not news to many others...I happened to have an old syringe (no needle) which I used to fill up the holes. Couldn't have worked better when it's freshly mixed. Really easy. If it hadn't been for the problem with the masking tape coming off, I would've been done in five minutes.

In any event, tomorrow we drill back into the epoxy and try to set the webbing and hatch straps.

Tune in tomorrow...the number of things that can go wrong has to be diminishing, since there are not that many steps left. Maybe I'll find a new way to immolate nylon webbing or something...

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