Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 18, 2006

Both those ideas sound like a hassle to me. I'd get epoxy all over the spray bottle. Never had any problem putting on fresh gloves, either. But on the other hand, I ain't one to argue with what works for someone else. One more time, gang...

Do what works best for you!

I post this expressly to say that last sentence. So much of boat building is a matter of playing around and discovering for yourself what techniques work best in your shop. No one-size-fits-all about this crazy business.

Ron wrote "1. I used to know a S&G boatbuilder who always kept some white vinegar in a spray bottle for cleanups. Now I have one too. 2. For a long epoxy adventure wear double gloves. That way you sinply have to remove the gooked up outer set and continue with the inners. Much easier than attempting to put on clean gloves."

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