Thanks all - epilogue (?)

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 18, 2006

I had been double-gloving the whole project...that's why I ran out 8-).

Some of the holes weren't "full" on Sunday morning --- some of them broke through the holes and dripped into the inside, others I think the wood absorbed some of the epoxy. So Sunday I got a new box of gloves, some new clear duct tape, chipped off what I could of the mess, reminded myself no one will see the inside of the boat, and mixed up some new epoxy with a little cabosil to thicken it to "top off".

Well, after having carefully left a very small miniscus of epoxy on each hole and checked the duct tape, I left her overnight.

This morning something didn't seem right...the boat was on the starboard side, not the port! Who tipped it over? I have no idea. Ghosts, I think. It surely couldn't've been me in an absent minded moment, could it?

In any event, I had a half dozen little rivulets of epoxy down my paint job. Nothing terrible, a little cosmetic problem I'll clean up later (I pried off some of it, but the paint came, too, so I'll figure it out later.)

In any event, I've got my padeyes screwed in bow and stern, they seem to hold very nicely (marine adhesive/sealant on the bottom and in the screw holes on the screws) and I'm on to the rigging. See separate thread...

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