For a decade, kits for our strip-planked boats have included a mix of Western Red cedar, Alaskan Yellow cedar, and Walnut "bead and cove" strips. But more often than not, our builders have declined the walnut, which is used for dark accents, preferring to use cedar throughout.

As of January 27, 2023, all strip-planked and "hybrid"-decked boat kits will include 50% Western Red and 50% Alaskan Yellow cedar bead and cove cedar strips.

The cost of Western Red cedar has more than doubled in the last year, an example of inflation that is as startling as it is annoying. We've absorbed as much of the increase as we can, while still eating at least twice a day. Prices for boat kits using cedar are going up. Having months exploring every possible alternative, North American varieties of cedar remain the best material for lightweight boats, both structurally and aesthetically. 

We've used Alaskan Yellow cedar for many years for lighter accents. It has a consistent golden-blond color tone, and both Alaskan and Wester Red cedars are a joy to work with. Our builders liked the reliably dark chocolate color of the walnut for dark accents. But walnut is a denser, harder material, requiring a bit more patience and sharp edge tools.

We will continue to offer walnut in 80' bead & cove strip bundles and timber boards for the scratch-builder. Kit builders will still be able to specify exactly which colors that they would like in their kit, but there will be an upcharge for additional Western Red Cedar.

Have a detail in your strip-planking design that will work better without the beads and coves? We offer strips without beads & coves

If you are considering a strip-planked kayak kit, grab one before February 8th, 2022 if you want the old price! Questions? Our experienced customer service team is always available.