Build Your Own Remote Control Sailing Model

Location: The WoodenBoat School - Brooklin, Maine
Dates: Sunday, June 30, 2024 - Saturday, July 6, 2024

This Class in Brooklin, Maine, is offered by the WoodenBoat School; please register online starting January 2, 2024. Inquiries only to 207-359-4651 or [email protected].

Instructor:  Eric Schade

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WoodenBoat School

Call 207-359-4651 for inquiries.

Tuition & Materials:  

  • Student Tuition: $925 (Youth $450)
  • Materials: $855 (includes everything needed for one boat, including the R/C equipment)

Other Considerations:


Boatbuilding Instructor Eric Schade
Eric Schade

Our friends Eric Schade and Dave Jackson developed this excellent 48-inch long sailing model, which they've named the "Independence."  Large fleets of Independence sailing models have been built from kits over the past few years, including at the WoodenBoat School and at the Pequot Yacht Club, where they are raced with competitive fervor.  Don't miss the YouTube video of these excellent pond yachts here.

A powerful sailing model, the Independence is equipped with straightforward and inexpensive remote control technology.  Kids will be thrilled with the model, but will have a VERY difficult time wresting the controls from their parents.  Since the Independence is a "one design" class, you can build or join fleets of Independence models for racing.

Construction is "stitch-and-glue" from a computer-cut CLC kit.  The kit includes everything except the RC controller:  okoume and sapele parts (you may varnish your entire boat), epoxy, lead bulb for the keel, hardware, spars, rigging, and fabric and patterns for sails.  RC control units will be available for purchase during the class---about $50 as of this writing. 

At the end of your 5-day class, you will launch, sail, and even race your Independence sailing model against your fellow students.

Note:  Boat kits for classes are specially prepared at CLC and delivered directly to the classroom.  These kits include essential supplies and may have certain parts pre-assembled.  Because of the particular nature of these kits, discounts and other promotions do not apply.


Remote Control Sailing Model


Remote Control Sailing Model