Re: Semi-Urgent: DrillFil

Posted by Jim E on Sep 16, 2006

I agree with Matt, this hardly ranks a a boo-boo at all, since it's invisible. The worst consequence is the possibility of some nasty sharp points inside your kayak. Three ways to prevent this sring to mind:

1. Use shorter screws of the same diameter.

2. Drive the screws once to cut threads in the epoxy, then take them out and and cut the ends off. Cut slowly so the stainless steel does not heat up and harden on you. Can you tell I've done this? Remove the cutting burr with a file so the thread can re-enter cleanly.

3. Cover the tips with something on the inside. A strip of wood, blobs of filled epoxy, plastic buttons, etc

Personally I would go for option 1, unless there was nowhere locally to get stainless steel screws, in which case option 2.

Thickening the epoxy is a good idea, since the thin stuff might find a way to leak past your duct tape.

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