Welcome to Chesapeake Light Craft's Homebuilt Boat Bazaar. This is a free service of Chesapeake Light Craft for the legions of builders who want to build another boat, but need to make room in their garage first.

Just as the title suggests, the Homebuilt Boat Bazaar is off limits to for-profit builders and businesses. The service is restricted to amateur boatbuilders and homebuilt boats (whether you personally built the boat or not). Chesapeake Light Craft will review all submissions and reserves the right to reject listings.  Note: Listings older than 90 days will be purged from the Bazaar.  Feel free to post your listing again.

Chesapeake Light Craft has not inspected any of the boats listed for sale and does not make any express or implied warranties regarding the accuracy of the ad or safety of the boat for sale. Caveat Emptor.

Note for sellers: There is a scam going around which targets anyone selling costly items online. A buyer will contact you who will know nothing about boats or what you're selling. They will offer to pay you MORE than your list price, but will ask you to send them a check back in the amount of the difference. (Their check will bounce, if it arrives at all, and you lose the difference.) Use your common sense and avoid this scam and its variations.

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