epoxy fumes

Posted by Paul Buelterman on Dec 18, 2004

I just took delivery of a West River 18, read the manuals, and done some research on my own about epoxy application, I'm having second thoughts about my original plan to build the boat in my basement over the winter. According to books I picked up at the library, a respirator with an organic filter must be used in addition to ADEQUATE ventilation, gloves, goggles, and coveralls. Failure at any of these could result in everything from skin irritation to eye, brain, and lung damage. I don't want any of those! I had hoped to finish the boat by mid February, but....

Question: What is ADEQUATE ventilation? I've sent similar questions to MAS epoxy and to CLC, but I thought someone on this forum might be able to help too. The basement where I hope to build the boat has two small windows. Just opening one of them wouldn't do the job, but could I get the job done by attaching a blower to a large tube and then blowing air from the floor area to the basement window? I think I would want to pull the air from the bottom of the room because the research material says that the fumes are heavier than air, and collect at the bottom of the room.

Would this work? or does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm anxious to get started, but I want to stay healthy enough to paddle the boat when I get done.

Paul Buelterman