Re: epoxy exposure

Posted by LeeG on Dec 19, 2004

I like Kens comment that if you're concerned about exposure you've done half the work necessary since most folks have problems from ignoring the risk,,being lackadasical etc. Having a fan pull from the floor to the outside is a great idea,,it'll maintain a negative pressure to keep stuff from migrating up into the house, removing cold air at the bottom makes more sense than removing warm air at the ceiling. Find some gloves with long enough sleeves,,I got some poly gloves that are too short,,you can get Tyvek sleeves from various supply firms,,www.JohnRSweet is one. Using a hole punch you get reduce the sweating in them. Getting epoxy on soft forearms and face isn't worth risking. I knew an older gentleman that was on the end of his second kayak and inadvertantly rested his forearm on wet epoxy,,he got a blistering rash, looked just like a bad case of poison oak. I've heard a few folks develop a reaction by the end of their first construction. Many have no problems after a few dozen constructions. After that i have no anecdotal experience. There is such a huge variation in responses to epoxy that wearing a full face mask/suit might be necessary for some people in your shop space and not at all for others. But allowing skin contact or working in a closed space WITHOUT ventilation is a good way to become one of those people who can feel epoxy just walking into a shop. The enthusiatic suggestion that you can build an epoxy/wood kayak ANYWHERE! came from someone who probably had built their first epoxy/wood kayak in one of those places,,,but not over years and years. Ten yrs ago I heard an anecdotal story from an employee of TAP plastics describing the owner having very casual,,ie. no skin precautions, manner about their epoxy and exposed himself repeatedly as a sales technique. This is purely anecdotal but as I was about to build a Patuxent and the employee was about to build a Cape Charles we were on the same page. He said the owner can't come in the store if there's an open container of epoxy hardener nearby. Definately don't let children come into the space when there's large scale sealing/glassing going on. Oh,,a couple sqeeze bottles to have nearby,,vinegar to wipe off any epoxy that gets in contact with your skin, alcohol for wiping off tools.

In Response to: epoxy fumes by Paul Buelterman on Dec 18, 2004