Re: epoxy fumes

Posted by Steve on Dec 19, 2004

Let me first ask you this question. If you build your boat in your basement, are you sure you will be able to get it out in the spring?

My answer to the fumes. I didn't think the fumes were all that bad. I used West Systems. The odor was not all that strong, but it was different. I did all my contruction in my garage (sometimes with theh door closed), The odor was detectable. The epxoy doesn't smell anything like the stuff used for auto body repair, if that is your concern. I did all my sanding outdoors and wore a respirator, strictly because of the dust. Sanding the epoxy produces a very very fine dust storm. I would NOT recommend sanding in your basement without some enclosure and a dust collection system. Otherwise, I think the dust will migrate throughout your basement and probably the rest of your house.

As for applying epoxy in your basement. I doubt that it will cause you any harm, unless your are sensitive or have allergies to odors or anyoen in teh house has any breathinig problems (asthma, etc.). I would recommend opening a window and maybe placing a fan in it.

Remember the manufacture applies their warning based on OSHA and NIOSH requirements and the fear of lawsuits. They are forced to be ultra-conservative in how the instruct ytou to use their products.

In Response to: epoxy fumes by Paul Buelterman on Dec 18, 2004