Re: epoxy fumes

Posted by Bill Davis on Dec 19, 2004

Quote: "Remember the manufacture applies their warning based on OSHA and NIOSH requirements and the fear of lawsuits. They are forced to be ultra-conservative in how the instruct ytou to use their products."

Or maybe its because its harmful, even in limited exposure. Quotes like the above and help to the effect of "it don't smell TOO bad" worry me. Call the 800 number and order the MSDS sheet. Thats the material safety data sheet. The supplier is supposed to offer it (do you CLC?) but you can always get it from the manufacture. The second step to take is to understand the MSDS. Get a good book, then get another one. Its your health and your family's health. Don't get safety advice from some forum on the internet It amazes me that folks wouldn't think of not wearing a life vest, no matter the conditions, but be so cavalier with known carcinogens and sensitizers. -Bill

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