Re: epoxy fumes

Posted by Bill Davis on Dec 20, 2004

Bill, I'm glad to use your experience with MSDS, as mine is limited. How is an eight hour day eposed to epoxy in the workplace better than epoxy in you basement or home? On your clothes? How is OSHA limits of exposure based on the average male compared to the system of a child in the house? What is the real dangers of glycidyl ethers? How do petrochemical compies define "laquer thinner?" I've built only a few boats and used resin in a few other projects. I've read a few books after talking to an industrial hygientist and took a few classes in hazardous communication from OSHA. I'm not cynical of epoxy or online advice and want to learn, and understand! as much as possible about the risks we take. I think its about time a manufacture that markets to the public at large puts together, with the help of knowledgeable hygientist, an online workshop on the risks and safe practices of using epoxies and their related solvents.

In Response to: Re: epoxy fumes by Steve on Dec 19, 2004