Re: epoxy fumes

Posted by Mark Camp on Dec 19, 2004

I think the folks at West (whom I trust even MORE than my CLC forum colleagues, if that is possible) recommend scrubbing down with a shop hand cleaner--so as to mechanically remove as much as possible, while specifically AVOIDING the use of things that are good solvents for resin and hardener (ironically enough). The theory is that, while good solvents are obviously good at removing the bad stuff, they also promote skin absorption. Which is bad.

Since reading that advice, I've switched from being a (secret) user of isopropanol ("rubbing alcohol") to using orange goop. (I've always been disappointed with the most common advice on this forum (vinegar) because it seems to be a almost useless for dissolving hardener, though it works maybe ok for resin or uncured goo mix.)

In Response to: Re: epoxy fumes by Steve on Dec 19, 2004