Primer & Paint Question

Posted by Brad Wells on Jun 20, 2004

Well, I am just getting ready to sand the primer off my hull this afternoon and I just realized that I hadn't read anything about how to clean primer dust off the hull.

Can I wash it with soap and water or use lacquer thinner? I am using the Hi Build talc primer and given that it is a moisture magnet, neither of these options sounds too appealing. Maybe just cleaning with a tack rag is the best approach. Thoughts?

I am also curious about masking off for the deck for painting. I am wrapping the paint onto the deck by about an inch and I am all set on that front. However, if I am putting down two coats of brightsides and need to wetsand between coats then do I need to tape off the area after each coat? That would seem to be the case and just looking to see what is recommended here.

Thanks again. Enjoy the weekend.