Re: Primer & Paint Questi

Posted by Mac on Jun 21, 2004


I'd suggest finishing one side at a time to maintain a wet edge. Use the keel line and sheer edges as limiters and go from one end to the other in two foot sections. I had good results with a very short nap roller. (Those white ones with the rounded end). If you can watch the Zen Video, John's method with the varnish works equally well with paint. ie: 2 feet of vertical application from wet edge out, followed by horizontal strokes from wet edge out. (Repeat until you run out of boat).

Keep 'em thin and use liberal amounts of patience. Don't forget to rough up your last coat a bit with either wet sanding or steel wool (real or 3M) and clean well with water or thinner and tack rag if you still think there is dust.

Remember, Grasshopper, this is the part everyone actually sees.

And it'll be beautiful!

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