Re: Primer & Paint Questi

Posted by Steve Miller on Jun 20, 2004

I have to wonder why so many builders use the high build primer knowing it is a water magnet and that CLC says no primer is needed.

Anyway, the primer DOES help you paint faster since bare epoxy that is not fully cured (2-3 weeks min.) can retard the curing of the first coat of paint. At this point stay away from water or any solvent. Just dry sand your primer. Vac as mentioned then wipe off with clean rags. No need for a tack cloth really and I think some tack rags cause adhesion and finish quality problems. Wipe till clean. I use old cloth diapers. Wash and reuse.

Once you are into the Brightsides you can use a 3M pad (fake steel wool, fine grade) to scuff up the paint between coats. I wet sand every other coat (or every 3rd coat) with Brightsides, using 400 grit. Normally it will take 3 coats min. to cover if you apply it thinly per instructions. Otherwise it will run and sag for sure. So paint-scuff-paint-wet sand-paint. If all goes well you are done. You can add more coats if needed. Yellow on my daughters Mill Creek took 7 thin coats to fully cover. I do the same thing with varnish. A couple of ounces of Penetrol in the varnish will do wonders for the finish.

Mask as you prefer but I like to re-mask each time. I pull the 3M Fine Line (green poly, very spendy but worth every penny) just as soon as the paint sets. Its a timing issue but something like 30 minutes to an hour. Carefully! Some guys say they have good results pulling the tape after all painting. Not me with Brightsides. With the Fine Line tape its not hard to follow the same line again.

Post pics when done!

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