Re: Primer & Paint Questi

Posted by Charlie Tuna on Jun 21, 2004


I am at the same phase on my kayak. I ended up putting down a coat of Interlux primer with a roller and then sanding it down on Sunday. I ended up having to resort to wet sanding the tight spots since the ROS could not get in there plus dry sanding ended up clogging up the sand paper in a matter of a few strokes. Hope the wet sanding was not a mistake. I am letting the boat completly dry and plan on putting down the first coat of brightsides tonight.

Are you rolling your coats on or brushing them with a foam brush? I roller the primer on and was planning on tipping it with the foam brush for practice, but after a couple attempts to tip the paint with the foam brush it appeared I was creating more marks in the paint than the roller. I know the roller followed by tipping with a foam brush works on epoxy and varnish but does it work with brightsides?


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