Re: Primer & Paint Questi

Posted by Joe Lombardo on Jun 20, 2004

Here are my lessons learned about finishing after the first boat.

If you are good at rolling it on thin, you'll need to do more than 3 coats. I stopped at three and in bright sun you can see the primer through the paint.

I left the tape on for all coats and removed it when done. I used blue masking tape and did my coats over a two day period. No problems.

Also, I wimped out when it came to sanding the chines. So now you can see the pattern of the cloth real easily along the chines. I doubt you are making the same mistake, but just in case!

Finally, brightsides show imperfections that can not be felt or seen while sanding. I don't know how to address this, but guess the answer is sand some more after you think you are done.

Good luck! - Joe

Oh Yeah... The paint cures slowly. Try not to tie it down or rest the boat on the paint for a while. I am guessing a week or more. Otherwise you are likely to see tie down marks until the next time you finish it.

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