Re: Primer & Paint Questi

Posted by Brad Wells on Jun 21, 2004

Thanks all. Great tips. The first coat went on late yesterday afternoon and I can definitely see why you say 3 coats minimum. I think I got it on pretty thin. At this rate, I should have enough paint with one can to do 4 coats.

Any tips on uniformity of application? I started at the rear and worked forward alternating between 2 one foot sections on each side. However, the overlap areas definitely show through. Either I need to overlap more to make it less noticeable or stop alternating sides.

I decided to alternate for consistency in the rear where the paint comes together and to minimize the number of times I needed to move my saw horses.

All in all, it is starting to look fanatastic even though a significant amount of wood color shows through the first coat of paint. I can't wait to see what it will look like after the second coat! Hopefully tonight when I get home from work. Thanks again.


In Response to: Re: Primer & Paint Questi by Joe Lombardo on Jun 20, 2004