Eastport Pram Tiller

Hi. I have an Eastport Pram and though I think the boat is nifty I basically have to sail it from the cockpit and pass the tiller over my head because the tiller is so long it pokes me in the back if I sit amidships. It doesn't work well to sit on the stern thwart either. Does anyone have any suggestions? If I cut down the length of the tiller, won't it affect performance?


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RE: Eastport Pram Tiller

Push-pull tiller like the Skerry, NE Dory, SE Dory, etc,

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RE: Eastport Pram Tiller

I usually sit on my Type IV throwable in the bottom of the boat, so the tiller is not in the way.  When sitting amidships, the tiller is the perfect length.  Shortening the tiller won't affect much other than aesthetics because you don't need any leverage, although it will amplify your input at the helm.  With a longer tiller, you can make smaller adjustments while steering.  A shorter tiller will require more finesse.     

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