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Hi to all 

First let me apologise if this has been asked a hundred times before but I can't decide between the two ,both look beautiful craft but I need a boat for mostly SOLO launching ,sailing(balanced lug)  and fishing I live in the UK and will using it for inshore waters for the majority of time so no dodgy weather conditions to worry about as such .l just wonder if anyone out there had any opinions or advice one one or the other 

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RE: skerry \ dory owners

You're going to get opinions and this has been discussed once or twice! I have sailed the Skerry and have built and owned the Dory. Mine was the sloop version, the lug version came out later. Either boat will work, of course. Both sail well and row well. The Skerry is a few pounds lighter and two feet shorter and is a bit easier for one person to launch. The Dory can handle weather better if it gets rough and if you get into a good school of fish the payload of 800 pounds is much more than the Skerry! 

George K

RE: skerry \ dory owners

I’m a Lug rig Dory builder but have rowed and sailed with a sprit rigged Skerry builder. He had second thoughts and wished he chose a Dory, or at least the Lug rig.
I think the Skerry rows slightly better due to the double ended nature. It’s very nimble and surprisingly fast. Also, due to the interior seat layout it should be faster to build. The downside of it’s double endedness is a lack of interior space. Subtract the two feet and transom vs. Dory and it’s a pretty compact interior. And the transom adds a bit of volume at the stern. I think the Dory is Slightly more tender in Initial stability but it comes on strong with a bit of heel. While you won’t want to stand on a rail you can stand pretty far up on the strakes and still have plenty of stability to land the big one. Standing on the stern platform/seat is also pretty comfortable.

For me the decision came down to significantly more interior space. The Skerry is wicked pretty though.


RE: skerry \ dory owners

The smaller Skerry at Okoumefest last Saturday: Replace 2 of those 3 people with fish and I'd be a happy fisherman.

Have fun,


RE: skerry \ dory owners

I love my dory, but I am likely prejudiced...Ford vs Chevy eh?   

The "guages" on the CLC sailboat pages are nice summaries of the boats:


NE Dory:


RE: skerry \ dory owners

   Thanks for the replys 

From what I can gather the only main negative of the skerry is the "cosy" interior (which I can live with) plus the dory would be too snug a fit to build in my 16x10 shed .Sorry again about the subject of this post but it's a hard decision between the two any way thanks again .


RE: skerry \ dory owners

After all these years, the dark side of our eminence grise suddenly surfaces. Delayed effects of bisphenol A exposure?

By the way, two of those people look like they are thinking, 'replace one of him with fish and we'd be happy fisherpersons.'



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