Re: Wood Duck for kids?

Posted by CLC on Aug 22, 2007

In the photos that's CLC's general manager, Ed, 190lbs, with his son Noah, age 3, 35lbs. Well within the Wood Duck 12's safe load. Noah was sitting on a "boat cushion," one of those square flotation things. A long cockpit opening was an important part of our specification for the Wood Ducks and we were thinking about the need to carry toddlers (or dogs).

Ed's remark on performance was that yes, Noah was a little bit in the way of a power stroke, but for excursions equal in length to a 3-year-old's attention span it was no problem at all. Obviously there's a gray area between toddler and small boy where a single kayak will be too small and a double or second kayak too much. Until someone invents a telescoping kayak I'm not sure how to get around that!

Ed and Noah:

Wood Duck

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