Re: Wood Duck for kids?

Posted by Guy on Aug 23, 2007

Thanks for the added info Jon. I thought the Eider's were cheaper, too. Then I added it to my shopping cart and it showed $1,200. I haven't contacted them to confirm the difference, but it was more like I expected.

My wife doesn't want to paddle with me so I just need a boat big enough to transport our wiggley four-year old (I understand they get older and more mature, though). I'd like to think it's because the wife wants to observe my killer paddle strokes from her own ride. But, I suspect it is because she has heard others refer to doubles as "divorce boats." At least she is looking out for us.

Anyway, I thought the MIll Creek 16.5 would be too big and not sporty enough (although they are truly beautiful boats and if all it did was hang in the garage it would certainly be a nice piece of art). I am in the common situation of needing to buy the one boat that will be fun solo or for family and can handle chop if it arises. I have an P&H Easkey plastic boat with skeg, so I don't really want to go wider and heavier (the wife likes it and agrees to paddle that boat). We plan on usually paddling in large lakes, but may take it in bays where considerable winds can kick up. The kid may come along, or maybe not, once he realizes we're not cool (maybe another year?).

Per your suggestion Jon, I'll try to track down a Mill Creek to try out. I almost closed a deal to buy one last year but the fellow backed out. Shouldn't have asked him to paint flames on the side, I guess. :-)


P.S. Say, anybody in the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic looking to sell a Mill Creek 15 or 16.5?

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