Re: Wood Duck for kids?

Posted by Guy on Aug 23, 2007

Thanks for the helpful responses. I really need our son to be comfortable enough to allow the whole family to paddle together for a few hours. The Wood Duck cockpit is eight inches longer than my poly boat, so I know he would have way more room and I could rig a seat or backband for comfort. But, I'm worried that I wouldn't have enough room for a proper stroke and would become frustrated. On the plus side, the boat is small, light and seems sporty enough for the occasional paddling I can squeeze in. And, as the description copy says, it is designed to be used. I'm afraid if I have some 20' double monster hanging in the garage, I just won't use it much due to the effort involved in moving it.

I really want a CLC boat. The Mill Creek 16.5 is nice, but I don't think it is as performance-oriented as I would like for the size and weight. The other CLC doubles are more volume than I need. The micro-bootlegger is cool. An open cockpit double Shearwater would be perfect, if that was offered.

Thanks again for the responses and thanks to CLC for making so many choices in cool boats for which I can pine!

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