Double seated MC 13?

Posted by Stefan on Aug 7, 2007

Hi folks!

I' am looking for a kayak design for the following requirements: - 2 seats (I can't leave my girl friend on the shore...) - A maximum of 14 feet length (no more room in the garage) - I like kayaks with more or less closed decks much more than canoes. The Mill Creek is very nice, I like the large cut out in the deck and the wide hull. - I want to use the boat only on calm rivers with few luggage.

Now let me come to my question. Is it possible to build the MC 13 with a bigger cockpit for two people? I thought of stretching it by half a foot to the bow and half a foot to the stern. Will the MC 13 carry our weight (approx. 350 lbs)?

Many greetings from Germany!