Double seated MC13 Test!

Posted by Stefan on Oct 10, 2007


On last saturday I've tested my boat!

The current stautus is: - the hull is glassed and glued - the bulkheads are installed - further interior is not installed - the hulls outer surfaces still have to be sanded and painted - no deck installed.

I couldn't wait any more because the winter is comming up. So I took my girl friend and we carried the MC 13 to a small lake. The first few meters the boat seemed to be quite unstable with my weight. But after 10 minutes it felt very good. (I haven't been on a small boat for months)

Now the second test with two paddlers: Because of the missing deck and the rather small freeboard (three inches) we made only a short test with the boat in free water without ground contact. The stability was ok and (from my point of view) nearly the same as with only my weight.

When the deck is installed (and the weather is warm!) we will try how stable the boat is when the stupid paddlers swing to the sides. :-) ... we will see.

By the way it was a good idea to double the (4mm) plywood of the boats bottom between the bulkheads. It is strong enough hold me (>200 pounds)) standing on one foot in the middle of the bottom.

The only encountered problem of the test where the stinging-nettles everywhere around the lake. Short clothes, no sockets -> red burned knuckles.

:-) Stefan

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