Double seated MC 13 !!!!!

Posted by Stefan on Sep 28, 2007


I've started to build the MC 13 some weeks ago with some small modifications: - the sheer panels are 1/2 inch higher than stated in the plans. - the front bulkead is moved 1/2 foot to the front, the rear one is moved 1/2 foot to the stern - the whole boat is spread a little bit so it is a little wider. - the cockpit shape will get modified so the that the front third is not tapered that narrow.

At the moment the hull is nearly ready. It is glased an coated with epoxy three times. As soon as I've got a new paddle I will take a maiden trip on calm water!

The deck installation and the furniture will follow up in the winter.

I hope that the MC will be able to carry two people. And if it doesn't, I'll start to build the next boat... :-)


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