Re: Double seated MC 13?

Posted by DaveP on Aug 9, 2007

Hi Stefan, First: I am no boat designer! but I have MC 13 and 16.5 hulls roughed out in a hulls program. Here are approx. freeboard in inches (hull only, excluding decks and coaming) with 250 and 350 pounds:

250 350 13 4.8 3.6 13->14 5.0 3.9 16.5 7.9 6.9 16.5->14 7.5 6.4

you lose 1.2'' in a MC 13 by adding 100lb, you were close but a bit low. So a MC 13 has just under 5'' freeboard at full design load. (I have seen 6'' suggested as a minimum, if I were to add decks and coamings it would probably make 6'', so my numbers look believable). Losing more than 1'' will be getting a bit risky won't it? A 13 lengthened to 14 (height and beam kept same) is not much better (3.9 vs 3.6). A 16.5 has much more load capacity, from increased beam and height. Height gives freeboard. A shortened 16.5 has to be a bit slower but the freeboard at 350lb (6.4'') is much safer. Now you can bring a picnic basket, wine, comfortable chairs, umbrella... all the things a girlfriend will really appreciate!

Anyway these are just approximate numbers, and I don't have any real experience.

Has anyone out there had two adults in a MC 13? ... and are you willing to share the experience with us ;-) we wait in anticipation...



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