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Posted by Paul on Jun 27, 2007

Hi Lee,

the double glove idea is

The epoxy thing seems def important lol. I know its early and i havent even gotten the boat..but lets assume i mixed it right and started to apply it everybody refers to vinegar and alcohol..Which one is best to remove epoxy on the wood lets say i screwed up and wish to remove it..

Varsol seems like the biggest no no. As in itll make the stuff bubble.

What ill do is like stich that bad boy post some pics and tap into this forum you guys are like priceless.

is sunlight detrimental to the project it better for me to be in the garage...its gets around 20 to 32 degrees celcius during the summer. Man im freakin out i cant wait to just get the box and be bedazzled lol.

I plan on using a tarp and covering the floor of the garage..its like a gravel floor..then dusting the entore place..and setting up 2 saw horses.

How many clamps grips do i need some pictures you see boats with like 40 clamps..Not sure i can afford that many.

MHmmmmm im actually making ntoes of all the suggestions so far...all have been good. Even the filler primer before the paint seems like a lifesaver...Do certain colors show more imperfectiosn like is white worst then navy blue...

What about decals like adding a name to the stern

I do have woodcarving experience..but yeah combining my rookie love of sailing dinghies and building one wow...dream come true..all my friends, im 28 years old are like dude why dont you go on a trip for your holidays...This will be the best 6 weeks.

I like the pic on the main page where most of the hull is painted white but the top section andthe inside is varnished....I think thats what im gonna do...But i kidna wanna do a navy color like in the Movie master and commander lol...Its funny too cause up here on the lakes all you see is pickerel boats and some bass boats im sure im gonna freak out some locals when im beatin or tacking and all over lol. The rtowing abilities of the boat seems like a cool thing especially for up here makes going up to lil island safer and exploring the shore line better..then like a tall ship pull the sail out and cruise back using wind power lol.

I printed all the FAQ and building Tips...I think i read them 100 tiems already...

But keep them rookie tips coming...

Humbled yet Anxious to start

Paul D

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