Re: My first Project

Posted by Paul on Jun 27, 2007

K will do...At the present moment i got this the Night Before xmas feeling lol

For those who suggested testing the epoxy on other pieces of wood ...apart from the consistency of the glue what am i looking for ...Damn it i hate waiting lol...I wanna start now lol Im killing time by compiling all the info you guys are gicing me and chasing the glue kit and other supplies...Its not too organized in Canada but i did find the Ontario Boat Builders Cooperate and jsut happens that the head guy is from my home town of Kirkland Lake lol so we had a good laugh mentioned before 99.9999% of the boats up here are pickerel fishing rigs lol....Small world out there

It sucks i have to add the sail kit to it later due to finance problems...but atleast i can row it and sleep in it this year...Damn money lol

They assured me the rowing dinghy is the same and comes with the dagger board slot and stuff...they said the mast gets tied right to the deck...and not through the deck connecting to the floor ....def cant wait to see how solid that ends up

Anyways keep the comments coming

Paul D

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