Re: My first Project -PMD

Posted by Paul on Jun 27, 2007

Sweet link i had no idea those blogs blows my mind how beautiful these are turning out for everybody.

It kinda sucks i cant afford to get the sail kit at the same time....seems like ill butcher the finish ...unless i build to the point where i install the sail kit next year..Im presently reading up every lil tid bits about Intron....beautiful job my man...and nice shop btw lol....this was prob the best idea i ever had lol....I love those pics of the people sailing their skerry near those tall ships can almost tell the passangers are wishing they were on the skerry lol. I guess all i can do for now is wait patiently which is impossible and go pickerel fishing prob be easier if the fish were bitting lol...anyways i might also try to recruit some old timer in my town that has experience fibergalssing a canoe or soemthing...So i guess in the states you guys have t olicense your dinghies to put them on the water....Also it seems like nobody hikes in these boats so does that mean the boats dont ell (cant spell that word) ....or do you have to hike a bit on them..curious ive only sailed LAser dinghies and the ell all the time requiring a lot of hiking...especially on a beam reach so eager doubt ill sleep tonight lol last night i fell asleep reading those epoxy FAQ's forthe tenth time lol

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