Re: My first Project

Posted by LeeG on Jun 27, 2007

You'll probably just want to jump right in but I'd suggest experimenting with 4oz of epoxy, wood and wood flour in various configurations, seeing how it cures, at what stages you can manipulate it by wiping, scraping, sanding.

If the temperature is in the 80's be very sure you know how things work so that you aren't stuck with an 8oz of epoxy and a process that might require re-doing something.

buy two boxes of nytril or favorite glove of your choice. Double glove because you can pull one off and handle tools or take one off and put on another easily instead of sticky sweaty hands.

get some 4mil plastic to cover epoxy station. attach vac hose to ROS

Learn to apply only what's needed and if any removal is needed do it while wet.

Have a bottle of vinegar nearby to immediately wipe off any epoxy that gets on your skin.

Have a can of alcohol nearby to clean off syringes and tools.

Do not open doors or otherwise walk out of the garage with gloopy covered hands or pick up the phone,etc. Sounds silly but it's the little dabs of epoxy that can provide for accumulated exposure. The least accumulation the less likelyhood of developing a reaction.

In Response to: My first Project by Paul on Jun 26, 2007