We finally weighed them

Posted by RonC on Oct 25, 2004

Well we finally got the P*&%# finished so we borrowed a bathroom scale from a neighbor and decided to weigh the 3 finsished S&G boats and while we were at it we weighed the tupperwear boat also. Heres what we came up with using the ultra scientific, picking-up-the-boat-and-standing-on-the-bathroom-scale, method.

1 MC 15 our 1st S&G, has the slat seat and LG rudder, no deck glass, has hatches, came in at 62#.

2 Ches 17, Creature Comfor Seat, std rigging and std rudder,hatches but no deck glass, came in at 55#.

3 P&%$# Golden Eye 16', no bulkheads, 4oz glass on deck, no hatches, deck bungies, aftermarket seat and floatation bags fore and aft came in at 38#.

4 Perception SeaLion, 17 ft, tupperwear, std seat and rudder 63#

If any one is interested, the Sea Lion is for sale!

I'm hoping I can get my CH18 in or close to the 55# of my wife's Ches 17.