Re: We finally weighed th

Posted by Ed (NY) on Oct 25, 2004

I seem to be in the same range.

First boat, a17 LT, 2 bulkheads, 2 flush hatches, full deck rigging and a carved foam seat is 53#

My 16 LT is 44 with 2 bulkheads, no hatches yet and about 1/2 the rigging on. Couldn't wait to get it on the water for the summer. Will do the rest now that its to cold for a novice without cold weather gear.

Love em both. With my 175# the 16 seems to be as fast or faster than the 17. Load both onto foam pads on a ford windstar by myself regularly. Just remember to put a beach towel or something on the car first so I don't scratch the car if i don't quite make it.

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