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Posted by Ed on Oct 28, 2004

You can have a light boat (around 42#) with bulkheads, hatches, deck rigging and a seat. By watching your epoxy consumption, you can keep that weight down. Here are a few tips:

- Keep your fillets small, no more than Ĺ ď wide for most of the boat.

- Do not apply more than 3 thin epoxy fill coats. Rolling can better control the amount of epoxy you apply. It is okay if you donít totally fill the cloth weave (see our Tech Tips page).

- It is easy to make big end pours. Unless you plan to add a rudder, simply reduce the size of your end pour to a large fillet at the bow and stern.

- Finally, go on and extend your sheer clamp all the way to the ends of the boat. If you have already past that stage, simply glue on an extension using the extra material. (Donít forget to bevel the ends - as if I really had to say that.)

And a rudder will add about 7 #ís to your boat weight.

Hope this helps!

Ed @ CLC

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