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Posted by LeeG on Nov 2, 2004

Those sheeclamps set back 5" invite the use of about 12oz unneeded epoxy endpours beyond the few oz needed for toggles/grab loops. How about this?

1. Configure the deck construction like the A.Hawk with removable deck beam, use a damp towel to ensure the bow deck beam isn't needed. That's a significant chunk of wood and epoxy.

2. eliminate 3"9oz tape and replace with 6oz cloth.

3.use 1/2" sheerclamps and use duct tape/no ring nails to attch deck.

4.use 4mm Okoume for bulkheads and coaming.

5.use 4oz underdeck glass between front bulkhead and aft hatch.

I bet that would reduce total weight by a couple pounds and eliminate a couple spots where there's glass on only one side of 4mm okoume.

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