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Posted by Tony Calvert on Oct 20, 2004

I skinned my Greenland SOF in my living room.

Here's how I did it. 1 - Bring it in when she is at work 2 - When she gets home, tell her it will only be there for 24 hours. 3 - When she asks about it still being in the living room after 48 hours. Tell her things aren't going as well as you planned. (look sad) 4 - At the 96 hour mark it starts getting hard, she can see that your just about finished and is quite keen on getting that new ornament out of the house but you should be able to get at least another 24 hours with a bit of begging.

So there you have it, a total of 120hours of nice warm indoors time should allow you to do a fair amount of epoxy work. It is hard to get them to fall for it twice so you need to work fast. Epoxy is a lot messier than sewing a skin on so you may have one or two more hassles than me.

Cheers Tony

Pictures of my SOF

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