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Posted by Steve Miller on Oct 20, 2004

My wife is a skiing instructor. She is in the mountains every weekend all winter. I pretty much have the run of the house for about 4 months. So I build away in my one car garage and even smaller shop. She never really complains about parts in the living room and the brass half oval in the hall. She did ask me how long the deck parts for my sailboat would be in the dining room (epoxy curing).

My buddies tell me that I am one lucky guy and I agree since she is still here after 28 years and lots of projects. But I believe that you should be within your rights to allow epoxy to cure in the living room or wherever you need it to be as long as you protect the carpet, floors and furniture. You should not need permission from the wife. Its all in your presentation - sales job. (Yeah I know, listen to me. I have the one in a million wife and I know it.)

The spa treatment is a good idea. I did it once. Even better is to gang up on her and send her with her best girl friend. That way two guys get a break. I still get points for that one after 10 years.

However, the weather in the UK can't be much colder than Oregon in winter so work hard at insulating your garage and use a the tips on this site for heating it cheap. Some brands of epoxy have forumulas that will cure down to 40 F or so. That should do it.

Good luck. Now ladies of the forum - ideas??

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