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Posted by Tony Calvert on Oct 22, 2004

The dimensions are 17'9"long (3 armspans) 19.5" wide (my hip width plus 1 1/2 fists). Height at the masik (front of the cockpit)10 1/2", height at the rear of the cockpit is 8".

The only fault I can find in the dimensions is that the rear of the cockpit is probably an 1" to an 1" 1/2 to high for complete comfort when trying to touch my head on the rear deck when roling.

It is a great boat and the more I paddle it, the more I get comfortable with it. I'm still a novice as far as kayaking goes and this boat extends my boundaries a little in certain conditions. It is fast compared to my CH16 and surfs on waves a lot better. it won't take very much gear for a long trip so I think I'll keep the CH16 for camping trips as well.

Cheers Tony

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