Re: how to persuade the w

Posted by Howard on Oct 20, 2004

I think tony has got it...i suppose if you send her to a spa for the weekend....that may buy you 48 hours without having to beg...

all kidding aside...if you keep it the house for just doing your epoxy work and then putting it back in the garage for sanding and non-epoxy steps...i think you can minimize the damage to the relationship....if that is how you insist on proceeding.

i have also seen some folks get pretty creative about heating their garage. when i build during the winter...i too build in an unheated garage...and then create a heat tent for the epoxy steps. but do be careful how you do this to avoid the dangers of setting your house on fire.

the last point i would make is that some people can be very sensitive to the odor of epoxy. several weeks ago there was a pretty long discussion on epoxy sensitivities. given my desire not to polute the house...i would go with the "learn to do it in the garage" option. in my case, that in and of itself, required enough begging.

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