Self Rescue in the Rough

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 19, 2004

Hey, I was bashing around in 4-foot seas and 25-mph winds today, and found the only reliable way I have of getting back aboard my boat in the event of a capsize is inverted reentry, then roll back up, and emptying the cockpit with a pump and/or sponge. I have yet to try a paddle float, and couldn't imagine it would be a managable technique in such conditions. So now I am fishing for comments regarding the above experiences and conjectures. I'm feeling pretty confident it's a bomb-proof self-rescue, but is it really?

I was practicing getting caught in bad weather, by the way, and the seas were wind-driven whitecapping waves that were set pretty darn close to each other (really, really FUN stuff!!). The only time I ever accidentally capsize is when I'm playing around asking for it. Why, I can sit broadside to the breakers, hands off the paddle, and not turtle. But I still have problems rolling without a nose clip! I just cannot seem to keep from getting 15 gallons of water right up my schnozzola. Can we talk about this again also???

Cheers, Kurt