Re: Self Rescue in the Ro

Posted by perry on Aug 26, 2004

I've re-entered the kayak upright with and without in a paddle float in the conditions that you mention. i use an inflatable paddle float that i keep (and use) halfway inflated. but like i said i've gotten back into the kayak without a paddle float too using the same technique of bracing.

if you paddle with the blades offset then orienting the paddle so the blades are in the same plane is helpful because it's the force of the blade against the water that creates the force to stop the boat from rolling again (just like a bracing stroke).

when i use a paddle float i can get into the boat so my butt is on the seat - when i don't use a paddle float i get up on the boat, feet in cockpit but belly over the backrest then i do a 180 degree twist and slide into the cockpit with my butt on the seat.

good job practicing in rough conditions ... do you use a tether to the boat? I've thought about doing that but i've never actually tried it.

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