Re: Self Rescue in the Ro

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 20, 2004


If you blow air out your nose, the water can't get in, no matter what your orientation. (Do what you will with the straight line, consider it a freebie) (Hmmm - that's 2 in a row).

Anyway, the trick is to regulate the flow of air such that you'll still have some left in your lungs to provide oxygen and buoyancy. That's where practice comes in.

Get into chest-deep water. Take a deep breath, tuck and do an underwater somersault while continuously blowing air through your nose as hard as you can. Witha single roll you should have plenty of air left by the time your head breaks water again.

Repeat until you're comfortable with the process. Now do it again, but blow less vigorously.

Keep this up until you can do a multiple set of somersaults using only one or two small bubbles.

Wear your speedos with the smiley face on the backside and have Leslie film the process for us :-)


In Response to: Self Rescue in the Rough by Kurt Maurer on Aug 19, 2004