Re: Self Rescue in the Ro

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 20, 2004

"Did you just write - emptying the cockpit with a sponge?"

Sure did. It is something I tried while endeavoring to cover all possible self-rescue situations. Funny thing is, it was almost as good as using my bilge pump; really not that bad. But then, I built my boat with an absolute minimum of floodable volume. My forward bulkhead, slanted forward, serves as foot braces.

Chris, yeah I know a roll can fail, believe me -- that's why I'm here asking questions! I guess I ought to get clear on one point: I never said I will not get a paddle float; only that I have yet to get one. I'm trying to work without one for the present since I'm still in practice mode, and there are lotsa things that can go wrong with a paddle float rescue too. Like forgetting to pack it in the first place, for instance.

I'm from the land of NASA, and immersion in that culture has made me think in terms of redundant systems, I guess you could say.

Cheers, Kurt

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