(OT) Kurt--woodworking?

Posted by FrankP on Aug 5, 2004

Paging Kurt Maurer,

It's bitten me. That damned wood-working bug has bitten me and left teeth marks. After doing my NorthBay and the beginnings of an SOF for my daughter, and laying up paddles, it occured to me I really enjoy this. So I'm thinking I will just build the coffee table I need for my living room, and a replacement (Cherry) for my dining room table (old veneered particle board).

So my question to you (my resident woodworking hero) is, are there any good books you would recommend for beginning "true" woodworking? I just bought a couple books on furniture design and building Mission style furniture, but I get the feeling both of them expect a certain amount of foreknowledge.

I can't currently quit my job and go work for a carpenter as an apprentice, so any other options? Classes may be a possibility, but one I haven't investigated yet. I'm more of a "just try it and see what happens" kind of guy anyway. (I can do anything with some good books on the subject and the right tools--at least "I" think I can, others may have a different view of that ability.)

Can you help me out?


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