Visit your library

Posted by CharlieJ on Aug 5, 2004

They'll most likely have a ton of books on woodworking. Our library hewre also keeps copies of Workbench and another woodworking magazine on the shelves.

I have to agree that for furniture work a good table saw is really needed. It isn't for boats so much- there a good band saw would be my first choice. In fact, I have two of them. I keep a 12 incher very close to my bench to save steps since I use it SO often. The big saw is in the rear of the shop.

A Jointer is a nice thing to have but you can do the same thing with a good sharp fore or jointer plane. Of course, I'm a plane junkie so I've got 20 or more of the things *grin*

A planer is another nice but not required machine. I have worked as a professional furniture repair and refinisher (and boat builder) for 25 years and just bought a planer last year. Most wood can be purchased today milled to 3/4 and all you really need is a good belt sander to clean up the joints after glue up. You can also usually find a cabinet shop that will plane lumber for you for a small fee.

DO get a plate joiner- they are great. I use a Dewalt which I have been very satisfied with.

By the way, as an aside, biscuits DON"T work with epoxy. The epoxy doesn't swell the biscuits like regular wood glue does. It DOES glue them though but you 'll need to let the piece stay in the clamps til it cures.

Most of all- have fun- it's a great hobby or profession.

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