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Posted by FrankP on Aug 6, 2004

Wow, thanks everyone. I have no space or cash to buy a jointer or a planer, and I figure I'd rather know how to do stuff by hand anyway. I think I'll go get a couple more basic woodworking books and such. Going back to exotic woods today to see prices on some of the woods I want...probably more than I should spend for a "starter piece" but it's only money right.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. Tools I have right now are access to (and eventual ownership of-when my buddy buys his new one) an old 8"?? table saw which isn't great but will get me started, a hand jigsaw, and assorted others such as circular saw, drill, etc. Most of my stuff is comprised of hand tools but I guess I will look into a table top band saw. That sounds like good advice.

For making furniture, usually decent wood glue will be sufficient right? I mean, I don't need to work with epoxy all the time do I? I'm concerned mostly with glueing planks into larger pieces such as table tops. I've developed quite a reaction to the epoxy over the time I've been working on my boat and paddles, and would like to minimize my exposure (and honestly cost) as much as possible.

Thanks for all the great information.


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