Re: Here I Am!

Posted by Bill Cooke on Aug 6, 2004

Frank - You've received good advice -- I would add seveal little points: take the time to learn how to sharpen your chisles and plane blades - you don't have to be phobic about this but it does take a bit of time to learn how to do this but the difference in performance is fantastic - you will appreciate how older craftsmen were able to produce their products without the use of $5,000 invested in machinery - also look up how to use a cabinet scraper - this is just a 3 X 6 sheet of steel but it is extremely useful during finishing; and finally - build, or invest, in a good solid workbench - it took me 15 years before I realized what I was missing -

Another thing - remember that half the fun is fixing the mistakes that inevitabily occur!!


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